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Need Help with Pest Removal in Your Grande Prairie Office or Commercial Facility?

If your health or safety is at risk because of the bugs and pests around you, turn to the reliable professionals at Essential Pest Control Solutions. Take the help of our pest removal services in Grande Prairie and the Peace Region. We can accurately identify infestations in your residential, commercial, or industrial facility. With your approval, we can get rid of the damaging pests by using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods, as well as fumigation methods. Our specialties include regular monthly inspections for commercial and industrial properties. Contact us today for reliable and professional services.

Immediate Action

If you want a faster and safer extermination of rodents, bugs, and insects from your home, office, or commercial facility, you need to act fast. As soon as you spot a rodent or notice damages that may have been caused by insects or birds, you need to notify professionals who can investigate the situation for you. The faster you reach out to us, the faster we can get rid of any infestation and save your property from extensive damage.

What We Can Help You With

Whether it is your home, office, hotel, industrial facility, or any other commercial property, we can help you identify infestations and get rid of:

Bed bugs
Pigeons (exclusions – netting and spiking)
Meal moths
Ants (pavement, carpenter, pharaohs)
Wasps and bees

Our professionals can capture pigeons and mice in your building and get rid of them.

Let Us Help

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